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Something New Out of What is Old: “Family Faith Formation”

Beginning on the first Sunday in October, we’re going to try a “new” ministry and out reach at Our Savior’s. 

 In a sense it’s not really new, for we have been doing elements of this ministry for years in Sunday school, Confirmation, and other Youth and Family type settings. 

This ministry – like most all ministries – is experimental and transitional, in short: “We’ll see if it works!”  And we will name this ministry (for now) Family Faith Formation. 

The purpose of Family Faith Formation is for families of young children to be given the tools to pass on the Christian faith to their children by having a direct faith conversation using Pastor Kevin as a faith resource.   Think of Family Faith Formation as a “children’s message on steroids”, or a twenty minute Sunday School lesson with Pastor Kevin, where Pastor Kevin gets to teach our children a lesson on the Christian faith, AND parents (or grandparents, or other caring adults) get to help “drive the point home” with their active participation. 

How will Family Faith Formation work?  Most every Sunday, from 10:30 to 10:50 in the morning, Pastor Kevin will be in the sanctuary, after Sunday morning worship, to lead a 20-minute “child friendly” lesson on the Christian faith. 

Parents and children can attend this lesson IN PERSON, or if you prefer, VIRTUALLY THROUGH THE LIVE STREAM ZOOM platform, very similar to the technology that we presently use in our Sunday morning services. (Our thanks to Dustin Davidson for sticking around an extra hour after worship on Sunday mornings to do this!)

What might be some of the faith lessons taught in Family Faith Formation?  It might be a continuation on the sermon theme that was preached on earlier.  For example, if there was a sermon on prayer, we might further discuss prayer.  If there was a baptism during the service, we might have a deep, caring conversation on baptism.  (In fact, during one of the Family Faith Formations we have actually scheduled a baptism!) 

Let’s be candid, Family Faith Formation is in many respects a “reboot” to engage Christian instruction with our children where years ago we once had a vibrant Sunday school ministry.      

Times have changed.  And it remains to be seen how the impact of the pandemic will affect that change.  The days of recruiting Sunday school teachers, lead by a Sunday school superintendent, with packed Sunday school classes, for which we could give awards for good attendance, appears to have changed. 

In my tenure at OSLC we have burned out multiple Sunday school superintendents, with only a handful of children in attendance on any given Sunday to show for it.  And of the handful of children that have attended Sunday school, most of the time their parents default as teachers anyway.  Family Faith Formation seeks to empower such parent-to-child teaching using the Pastor as a resource.

Let’s give this a try!  I am willing to walk by faith and not by sight, and I encourage our younger families with children to do the same.  By sticking around the church just a little longer on any given Sunday morning – either in person or virtually – we can model the gift of faith to our children and fulfill the promises made at their baptism… to place in their hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith, that, living in the covenant of their Baptism and in communion with the Church, they may lead godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ.  (Lutheran Book of Worship, page 121)

God bless & be well!   Pastor Kevin

Our Savior’s Emergency Food Shelf — is open Wednesday and Friday, 1-2:30pm. Please consider donating to Our Savior’s Emergency Food Shelf as it continues to offer a life line to those individuals/families that find themselves in unexpected circumstances.  Thank you and God bless.

The choir has now sung for two services in the month of September.  I am very thankful for the singers that have been able to participate.  No one is very happy about having to do so wearing a mask but we are following the guidance that we have received.  When we are forced to do this, we come to realize how important facial expression is for connecting with the congregation.  We will be singing next on October the 3rd which will be the next communion Sunday.  That being the case, the anthem is called “A Communion Meditation” by Don Besig.  The text tells us that the table is set and the Lord bids us to come even though we feel unworthy.  After a verse of “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” we sing that we are fed and our hearts are joined as one.  On October 10th, I hope to have the first Handbell performance of the year, playing “The Church’s One Foundation”.  We love when we can present familiar hymns in interesting arrangements.  I am certain you will enjoy hearing us ring once more.  And finally on the third Sunday, October 17th, the choir presents “Make Me a Servant” by Benjamin Harlan.  We have been focusing so much on ‘service’ this first month, but it is such an important time to look beyond our needs to the needs of others.  There a many in our church that still are not comfortable attending a service and we must reach out!  There are also many who have lost a job or left a job because of the pandemic who need our outreach.  I know that we have been focused on what we have not been able to do these past months but let us remember that there are many who are not as well off as we are – many who need a place to experience Gods love and the fellowship of friend and neighbor.  I look forward to seeing YOU in church in the next weeks!            Roy
Please remember our monthly meeting for Women’s Bible Study.  Our October study will be on Thursday, October 14th at 10am in the Fellowship Hall.  The study is printed in the GATHER magazine, but extra copies are available on the table outside the office.          We’ll be expecting you!!

Council Meeting Highlights (September, 2021)

  • The council met in person in Room 1.
  • General Fund is about $7,400 behind (in the red).  Quarterly statements will be mailed in October.  We looked to encourage individual stewardship to turn this around in the next couple of months.
  • God’s Work / Our Hands:  9/19 – Work to be done at Access North.  Painting project for Project Care facility
  • Continued discussion on in-person worship and leaned toward leaving things as if for now.
  • Closet cleaning:  various bibles in varying conditions.  If anyone would like one, they are in Room 14.
  • Approved Piano Festival – Hibbing Musicale which will be held Feb. 4-5, 2022.  From Roy and Nadine Berg.
  • Approved fundraisers:  two mini bazaars to be held on Oct. 17 and Nov. 21.  These will be held during coffee after Worship Services.
  • Updating OSLC policy manual continues with additional meetings on Sept. 21.
  • Church Directory Discussion:  Appears that Express Print will work with us to put a directory together.  Research pricing for inclusion to the 2022 OSLC budget.  Photography to be done locally.  More to come!
  • Authorized building use for The Boys and Girls Club.  Room 6 will be utilized to get their program going.
  • Property Committee update:  Talked about alley paving (or the need for alley paving).  Recommended getting the process going with City of Hibbing.

The Columbarium at Our Savior’s offers perpetually endowed care for the remains of those who choose cremation.  It is a place of peace, solitude, and prayer restoring the ancient practice of church burial.  If you would like to learn more about the Columbarium, please make an appointment with Cindy in the church office by calling 218-263-7422.  An optional payment plan is available.

On behalf of the Usher Ministry Committee:           This past month we conducted a phone survey.  I would like to thank all of you who returned my phone calls.  We will take our results and advise the Music & Ministry Committee.  Sincerely,    Andy M.

Confirmation News:

3rd grade  –   This Fall you will receive your own Bible.

4th grade  –   Next Spring you will receive a devotional book

5th grade  –   Next Spring we will prepare for First Communion

6th grade  –   Enjoy the beauty of Fall

7th-10th grades –     Wednesday classes meet at Our Savior’s at 7:00 p.m.                                     Participation: 10 sermon notes, 10 hours of service

11th grade – Rite of Confirmation will be Sunday, Oct. 31st at a special 11:00 a.m. service. Refer to your emailed and texted materials.

Rite of Confirmation for First Lutheran & OSLC Schedule for Sunday, October 31st, at 11 a.m. at Our Savior’s. Six of our youth from First Lutheran & Our Savior’s are scheduled to make their Affirmation of Baptism through the Rite of Confirmation on Sunday, October 31st (Reformation Day) at 11 a.m. at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.  Confirmands please note the responsibility of getting your Faith Statements into Pastor Sarah on Wednesday, October 6th.  Also note that the rehearsal for the Confirmation Service will take place on Wednesday, October 27th beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Our Savior’s.    Out of an abundance of caution (not knowing the affects of COVID in the upcoming weeks), please note that masks and socially distancing will be observed during the Confirmation Service, the decision may be made to limit the number of participants in the worship service, and the service will be live streamed for those who would rather not be in attendance.  

Youth Corner

The new program year is upon us and we would like to share some details about Confirmation this year! All 7th-10th graders will have weekly Wednesday Confirmation. We are planning to move to a hybrid model as it gets colder outside. — 11th Grade Confirmands: 11th graders who have completed the Confirmation program and are waiting to be confirmed this October. We will be emailing all information to you as well. Here are a few dates to mark on your calendars:  — Oct. 6 Faith Statements due to Pastor Sarah — Oct. 27 @ 5:30p.m.-Rehearsal for Confirmation Sunday  — Oct. 31 @ 11:00a.m.- Confirmation Sunday @ Our Saviors — Calling all new 7th graders– Are you wanting to be a part of the Confirmation program?  Please let us know!

2022 ELCA YOUTH GATHERINGboundless – GOD BEYOND MEASURE — First Lutheran and Our Saviors are teaming up to attend the synod journey to the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering. This is such a great opportunity for high school youth to attend. Here are the details: Dates: July 21-28, 2022 — Ages: youth who are in grades 8-12 in the Fall of 2021 — Cost: $975 (you will not have to pay this much and we do not want any financial concerns regarding this trip. Talk to Pastor Sarah if you have concerns) Commitment: October 10th with a deposit of $150 to Pastor Sarah — Adult Leaders: if you are interested in helping lead this trip let us know! We are hoping that families will only have to cover the commitment deposit of $150 with fundraising opportunities during the year. Questions? Come talk to Pastor Sarah and/or check out the ELCA Youth Gathering website for more information about what the gathering is https://www.elca.org/YouthGathering

Property Committee

LED Lighting: Yes! we have begun to install the new LED lights that were purchased with donated money to keep the LED project going. Donated funds bought 45 new LED light fixtures, and we are happy to say that as of 9/20/2021, 23 of those have been installed. All rooms and the hallway on the upper Sunday School wing are now 100% LED’s. By the time this is read we hope to have more rooms done. We can hardly wait for more activities to begin, so that all can enjoy the new look. Our electrical footprint is being reduced, but the total energy savings will not be realized until we start utilizing those areas converted. Window Washing: Travis O. has started washing the windows in the Sanctuary and the Main Entrance areas. Committee Members: Looking for members to join our Property Committee. Men and women are welcome. Mike Stavnes and Joe Arthurs Property Co-Chairs

Mission Action – Use of the Food Shelf and Clothes Closet has been slow over the Summer but is seeing a pickup in use now that school has started.  We discussed changing a couple items given and adding shelf stable regular milk as an item for the boxes.  That is the only milk my kids overseas can get and have used for their 20+ years in Germany and Australia.  Once opened it will need refrigeration.  We will be giving a choice of either pudding or jello.  We realize that mac and cheese and pudding take milk thus the addition to boxes if people want it. There will be no offering of letters this year to the senators and representatives. We were asked to help with the pie social on November 21. LWR items packed and sent on September 11th thru the WELCA truck at the Grand Rapids meeting include: 77 quilts, 130 school kits, 24 sewing kits, 6 layettes and 22 personal care kits.  Halvor Lines provides this service of free shipping to LWR warehouse in South St. Paul each year.  We have also given about 35 adult quilts to Salvation Army and a couple military theme quilts to a local Vets group.  Come join us for quilting on Monday mornings at 9 a.m. and yes, we have a coffee break around 10! In Christ, Sue Schock

PASTY BAKE UPDATE!                      We want to thank all of you that placed orders, and hopefully, enjoyed our first pasty bake, post COVID.
     Our church has been blessed with a beautiful piece of machinery called a “dough sheeter”, from one of our members.  This sheeter is going to be an amazing help with future pasty bakes, and hopefully, other projects we decide to undertake.  However, getting the pie crust recipe that we have always used, to work with our new modern equipment, is a bit of a trial and error.  HAVE NO FEAR!  We have some super
dedicated people working on making this all come together.  Please accept our apologies if your pasty looked a little different than it did in past years.  I must say that I found them to be absolutely delicious, if not quite as pretty.   Again, thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to learn new tricks. Kathy Anderson on behalf of the AMAZING OSLC pasty crew.

Young Women and Ladies of OSLC: We are wanting to get some ideas and projects going again.  By the time you read this the pasty bake will be over.  However, we are considering after the New Year trying to do a Wednesday night prep/mall bake night to introduce some of our younger members and families of the church to the process of the bake.  It is fun fellowship, messy at times and a very tasty result.  We will let people know how the new dough rolling machine works. Second on our plans are two mini bazaars on October 17th and November 21st.  The October one will be homemade yeast breads, jellies and jams and maybe some other baked goodies.  In November we will make lefse (by preorder), Christmas cookies, possibly donuts and pies.  This may also tie into a fellowship hour Pie Social.  There is some discussion taking orders for a couple kinds of pies—more on that next month.  If anyone is interested in baking or helping bake at Church please call Sue Schock (218-263-4748) or Pam Rundell (218-262-1443).  (Yes, in October we need to start dialing the area code along with the number!) Is there any interest in Saturday or an evening Christmas cookies bake and exchange at the church?  We are thinking about making rolled/cutout sugar cookies and maybe gingerbread men. We are willing to do Wednesday nights one or two times a month during Confirmation time to introduce people to the church kitchen and other church members. At one time there were seven of us ladies working together that all had kids in the same confirmation and graduating class.   These kids graduated HHS in 1987.  This is how we bonded and five of us still work together often.  Other two have moved away. Bible study from the Gather magazine will be the second Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  We will have extra copies of the study that is on the Holy Spirit for the next two months. We look forward to seeing new smiling faces and trying to work with schedules of working people and those with parental duties.  God’s work is very rewarding but also frustrating and tiring at times! God’s blessings,  Sue Schock

White Elephant Sale We have begun accepting new donations. Contact the Church Office to make arrangements to have donations picked up and/or delivered to the storage facility. Right around the corner is the 2022 WES Sale date is April 23, 2022, mark your calendars. Mike Stavnes, WES Committee Member

YOU MATTER PROJECT UPDATE I want to thank everyone for the tremendous response to our Fall “undie” drive for the “You Matter” project.  We received 10 pair of pajamas, 5 bras, 132 pair of boy’s undies, 335 pair of girl’s undies, 306 pairs of socks, 12 combs and 28 toothbrushes.   We also received some very generous cash donations that will be given to this project.  Sincerely,    Pam R.

Report on NE MN Women of the ELCA meeting Saturday, September 11th. Patty R. and I attended the shortened version of an assembly.  Our Synod stretches from approximately Pine City to International Falls to Nisswa/Pequot Lakes and all the way up the north shore of Lake Superior.  The Synod is comprised of five conferences=Lake Superior, Laurentian, Living Water, Heartland and Kettle River.  We are in Laurentian.  The meeting was mostly electing officers for the next two years and we have three speakers.  The first with the churchwide president of the WELCA.  Joy Michalicek from Duluth.  She talked about the importance of including women pastors in our local units as they are also WELCA members.  The update of the solar power for Liberia was very positive.  The logistics technology company from Pennsylvania to Liberia to keep the project running at peak performance.  Pastor Sarah Fike from 1ST Lutheran talked briefly about being a woman pastor recently ordained and Pr. Karen Bockelman ordained in 1979 gave a perspective of her many years of service as a “Pastor.  She is now retired.   In 2021, we are celebrating 50 years of women being ordained in the ELCA .  The Afghan refugee situation was discussed and more info coming on ways to help the military bases where they are being housed. Our theme for the year is “All the Faithful Women” and key Bible verse is Esther 4:14 “Perhaps she was made for such a time as this”. Our Conference Women will meet on October 3rd at Gethsemane in Virginia.  It is about a 2-hour meeting.  All women ae welcome.  Contact Sue Schock if interested.

Would you like our congregation to pray for any issues, problems, or health concerns you have?  We believe in the power of prayer and know that our petitions are heard and answered. Please call the church office at 218-263-7422 and we will pass your request on to the Prayer Chain.

A Pumpkin Prayer Father in heaven, like a farmer, You have watched me grow And picked me out from all the rest to house Your light and glow. Open my mind to think of You.  Open my mouth to sing. Open my eyes to see Your world and share the joy You bring. Open my heart to be Your home—a warm and welcome shell, Washed clean of sin.  A place wherein Your love and light may dwell.

Please Read our New Bylaws and Constitution

2019 OSLC Bylaws

2019 OSLC Constitution

Welcome to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC)! Upon entering, you will notice the beautiful sanctuary with stained glass windows depicting parables of Christ and the large crucifix hanging above the altar. Friendly congregational members will greet you, and as you sit in the pews, our music will fill your soul! We have an active Temple Choir and also a worship band for a more contemporary sound. Music is emphasized within each service, and the sermons will speak to your heart and feed your soul while creating a deeper relationship with God.

Our church’s mission is A Community transformed by Christ, to be Christ in the World. We invite you to join us to become “the hands and feet of Christ”. Our ownership of this mission is shown in outreach through our Food Shelf, Clothes Closet, Habitat for Humanity, and God’s work. Our hands. Sunday. The Food Shelf is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00-2:30. Our clothes closet can be accessed through appointment only by calling the church office.

Our worship service provides opportunities for you and your family to grow in your Christian faith. Children of all ages are welcome during worship and are invited to join Pastor Kevin for a Children’s Message each week. After service, during the school year, children may attend Sunday School while you enjoy coffee, goodies and fellowship with parishioners downstairs. We partner with First Lutheran (another ELCA church in Hibbing) in our Confirmation and Youth Ministry, as well as some congregational worship and seasonal events through the year. Baptism and First Communion are joyous events which precede Confirmation. Students in grades 3-11 are involved in our Confirmation program. Youth have opportunities through our church to participate in Bible camps, vacation bible school, BWCA canoe trips, national youth gatherings, church services…. On average, OSLC sends over 70 youth to Bible camp each year.

OSLC has a long and rich history of service to the community of Hibbing and the world. Both young and old participate in potluck dinners, Lutefisk suppers, pasty bake fundraisers, the fall bazaar with much of the profits benefiting ministries such as the Salvation Army, Lutheran Social Service, local Bible Camps, and worldwide missionary support.

For over 60 years, we have held the White Elephant Sale in the spring, which provides clothing, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, tools, bicycles, and many other items for inexpensive prices to our community and the surrounding communities.

OSLC is a “community safe space” offering the use of our facilities to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lutheran Social Services, Advocates for Family Peace, among others.

OSLC was formed in 1903 by Norwegian immigrants under the name “Tabor” with 23 members. It officially became known as Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1904. The church held a groundbreaking ceremony in July of 1952 with the cornerstone of our present church laid in October of that same year.

Please call our church office with any questions you may have. Our staff is pleased to help you!