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Ash Wednesday Begins the Season of Lent Wednesday, February 26th at 6:30 p.m.

Ash Wednesday is so named because of the tradition of imposing an ash on the forehead of worshippers with the phrase – “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  Why ashes?  The Bible tells us that ashes were a symbol of: 1. Repentance or turning away from sin (Jonah 3:6; Job 24:6; Matthew 11:21; Luke 10:13) 2. Cleansing (Hebrews 9:13) 3. Our human mortality (Genesis 3:19) 4. Mourning (Isaiah 61:3)

Beginning with the ash on Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent is meant for us to take a more intentional look at our relationship with God, and how God has blessed us with the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Part of the discipline of Lent is a reminder that as Christ died for us, he now asks us to live for him in the service that we render to the world.

This year Ash Wednesday worship is on February 26th at 6:30 p.m.  The imposition of ashes, as well as the celebration of Holy Communion, will take place at that service.  Within the rhythm and tradition of the church, the ashes that constitute the ashes for Ash Wednesday come from the burning of the palm branches from the palms from last year’s Palm Sunday worship service.  Each family is encouraged to take their palm branch, and put it behind a religious picture in their home. 

This year, as a part of our Ash Wednesday worship experience – at the end of the service – families are encouraged to bring their dried out palm branches from last year’s Palm Sunday worship and they will be symbolically burned outside; yet another means to highlight the significance of Ash Wednesday.   It has also been a tradition at Our Savior’s to have a simple potato bake dinner before the Ash Wednesday Service that will begin at 5:30 p.m.  1.  Midweek Lenten Worship Services 2.  “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” 3. Midweek Lenten Worship Series

     In 1997 free-lance writer Philip Yancey wrote an award-winning book entitled: “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”  Needing to rediscover his own understanding of the grace of God having grown-up in a strict fundamentalist home, Yancey wrote a compelling testimony of the power of God’s grace using the message from the popular hymn Amazing Grace.  Quoting the purpose of What’s So Amazing About Grace, Philip Yancey writes:    “The many uses of the word in English convince me that grace is indeed amazing – truly our last best word. It contains the essence of the gospel as a drop of water can contain the image of the sun. The world thirsts for grace in ways it does not even recognize: little wonder the hymn “Amazing Grace” edged its way onto the Top Ten charts two hundred years after composition. For a society that seems adrift, without moorings, I know of no better place to drop an anchor of faith.”

      Following Philip Yancey’s lead, Pastor Sarah and Pastor Kevin will be preaching messages based on the hymn Amazing Grace for our Midweek Lenten Worship Services.  What’s So Amazing About Grace? Come find out as verse-by-verse Pastors Sarah and Kevin preach messages from the popular and timeless hymn Amazing Grace…     

       What’s So Amazing About Grace? 1. Wednesday, March 4th Verse One… Grace, Lost, Now Found…  worship @ OSLC 2. Wednesday, March 11th Verse Two…Grace my fears relieved…worship @ First Lutheran.    3. Wednesday, March 18th: Verse Three… Grace brings us to safety… worship @ OSLC      4. Wednesday, March 25th Verse Four… The Promise of Grace…worship @ First Lutheran.  5. Wednesday, April 1st    Verse Five… The permanence of Grace…worship @ OSLC 

The long-standing, favorite liturgy of Marty Haugen’s Holden Evening Prayer will be used at BOTH churches.  The church hosting worship for the evening ALSO hosts the soup supper (beginning at 5:30 p.m.). 


          See you in church…  Pastor Kevin

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Our Savior’s Emergency Food Shelf continues to offer a life line to those individuals/families that find themselves in unexpected circumstances.  We would encourage you to consider the Food Shelf as part of your donation .   Thank you from the Mission Action Committee

Musical Notes           
I can honestly say that 2020 is off to a good start.  Both Temple Choir and Handbells have been busy rehearsing.  We will sing the first and third Sundays of February.  On February 2nd, I have chosen “The Whisper” by Craig Courtney.  I love the sentiment in the opening verse that the men of the choir sing; “I am searching for the one who searches me”.  We repeatedly sing of a place prepared for us ‘at the table’.  And then on February 26th we present Russell Nagy’s “Draw Near to the Lord”.  There is the very effective use of one section starting the theme with the other following in response.  It is the contrasting section that utilizes the text from the title “Now draw near to the Lord, and He will draw near to you”.  On Ash Wednesday this year (February 26th) both Handbells and Temple Choir will participate.  Handbells will play “A Quiet Meditation”.  That will truly establish a fitting mood for the service.  Temple Choir will offer “A Willing Heart” by Tom Fettke.  The text is based on the familiar text of Psalm 51: 10-12.  It is hard to believe we will be approaching Lent so soon.  We intend to focus on the purpose that Lent serves.  Let us better understand how we should prepare for our Easter celebration           Roy


     What an amazing experience it has been to be a part of this congregation, as it rallies to bring our heating system up to date.  As of 1/15/2020, funds raised total $147,667.59. We are now in the final stages of preparation for the new installation.  Our goal, at this time, is to raise as many funds as possible before we have to take out a loan to cover the balance of the project.  We anticipate that we will have to do that by late spring or early summer.  Many of you have pledged funds for 2020.  Any donations received before the final financing is put in place will reduce the monthly obligation that the congregation will have on our permanent financing.  Thank you all for your prayerful consideration of future contributions.We are enclosing a contribution envelope in this February “VOICE” for your convenience. Kathy Anderson, on behalf of the Capital Campaign Committee

February is Baby Shower month at OSLC.  Our congregation has a long history of donating baby items to our local hospital newborn nursery.  It started years ago when we were made aware that some babies go home without proper clothing and blankets.  This need still exists.  During the month of February there will be a playpen in the narthex to receive your new, unwrapped donations.  Swaddle wraps, sleepers, baby hats and mittens are among the most needed items.  Knitted sweaters and caps, infant blankets, diapers, socks, undershirts and outfits will all be gratefully received.  Thank you all for your generous donations.  Pam Rundell on behalf of OSLCW

Property Committee is looking for a couple of additional members. These are some exciting times, with numerous projects in the works. The Church Facility is 60+ years old and in need of some updates and we are looking for additional input and assistance. If you are interested please contact Joe Arthurs, Mike Stavnes, Pastor Kevin or the Church Office. 

Radio broadcast sponsorships are needed.  If you would like to sponsor a broadcast in memory of a loved one or in celebration of an event, please call the office at 218-263-7422. Weekly broadcasts cost $50 each and will be broadcast live at 9 am. on WMFG 1240 AM.

Confirmation News

3rd grade  –  Participation project:  straighten pew racks beginning February 2020 helpers…Hanna G and Manni G

4th grade  –   Be sure to attend the 4th gr. Fun Evening next Spring.

5th grade  –   Your class will study Communion during Lent. Celebration of Communion on Maundy Thursday, April 9th. Participation:  Deliver devotionals

6th grade  –   We will study the Lord’s Prayer at our lock-in at church   7:30 p.m. Friday, March 6th –11:00 a.m. Sat., March7th . Parents and grandparents, if you are able to help chaperone or serve breakfast please leave a message with Pastor Kevin or the church office.  Thank you. Watch your mail for details. Participation: Acolyte throughout the year as scheduled.

7th-9th grades – Wednesday classes meet at 7:00 p.m. at Our Savior’s. Class dates are Feb. 5, 12, 19 . Attend midweek Lenten services.  Classes resume (7-9th gr.) April 22, 29 and May 6 . Participation:  10 sermon notes, 10 hours of service.   Acolyte as scheduled (7th, 8th gr.)

10th grade –   Continue to meet with your mentor, 10 sermon  notes and 10 hrs of community service.

The Columbarium at Our Savior’s offers perpetually endowed care for the remains of those who choose cremation.  It is a place of peace, solitude, and prayer restoring the ancient practice of church burial.  If you would like to learn more about the Columbarium, please make an appointment with Cindy in the church office by calling 218-263-7422.  An optional payment plan is available.

News from the Mission Action Committee: The Lenten Season is upon us.  Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and that is on Wednesday, February 26th.  This year, as in years past, we will be starting the Lenten Season with our potato only meal at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, February 26th followed by the Lenten service at 6:30. The practices of Lent are repentance, prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving and works of Love.

A BIG thank you goes out to all 13 of the Chili making participants and the anything chocolate bakers.  Our Chili Cook Off and Chocolate Extravaganza was a huge success. Bragging rights go to the winners of the Chili Cook Off – 1st Place Nancy Davidson with her award winning Chili Winter Night.  2nd Place – Paul Ronning with White Chicken Chili and 3rd Place – to Mitch Cook and Jim Christian with their No Name Chili.  Thank you to Sue Schock for the very cute dish towels and hot pads for every participant.  Thank you to all who came out to attend the event.  This was a fun filled evening with the proceeds going to the OSLC Food Shelf and the Heating Fund.   The proceeds were $1,500 with $1,000 going to the Food Shelf and $500 going to the Heating Fund.   

Fill The Jug: Starting in February the Capital Campaign Committee will be placing an empty “Jug” at the rear of the church with the hope of filling it by July 4th.  Proceeds will be going toward the upgrade to OSLC heating system.  The Committee hopes that church attendees will place any loose change they may have into the jug (although any form of currency will obviously be accepted!).  We feel that this is a fairly painless way to help with this fund raising drive.  We also think this could be used as great example for children and grandchildren to show them that everyone has a vested interest in this project and that every penny helps and adds up to something good.  To put it another way, no one effort is too small and no one is too young or old to help.  With that said, keep an eye out for the “Jug” and let’s fill it to the top!

We would like to Thank our outgoing members of the Church Council:     Lynn W, Jim C and Madison L.  They have put in countless hours serving our congregation in the many different ways that are unseen.      God bless.

Please welcome our incoming members of the Church Council: Al L, Melissa S and Renee’ W. Gavin V, Youth member. We look forward to working with you in the future.   God bless.


Please Read our New Bylaws and Constitution

2019 OSLC Bylaws

2019 OSLC Constitution

Welcome to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC)! Upon entering, you will notice the beautiful sanctuary with stained glass windows depicting parables of Christ and the large crucifix hanging above the altar. Friendly congregational members will greet you, and as you sit in the pews, our music will fill your soul! We have an active Temple Choir and also a worship band for a more contemporary sound. Music is emphasized within each service, and the sermons will speak to your heart and feed your soul while creating a deeper relationship with God.

Our church’s mission is A Community transformed by Christ, to be Christ in the World. We invite you to join us to become “the hands and feet of Christ”. Our ownership of this mission is shown in outreach through our Food Shelf, Clothes Closet, Habitat for Humanity, and God’s work. Our hands. Sunday. The Food Shelf is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00-2:30. Our clothes closet can be accessed through appointment only by calling the church office.

Our worship service provides opportunities for you and your family to grow in your Christian faith. Children of all ages are welcome during worship and are invited to join Pastor Kevin for a Children’s Message each week. After service, during the school year, children may attend Sunday School while you enjoy coffee, goodies and fellowship with parishioners downstairs. We partner with First Lutheran (another ELCA church in Hibbing) in our Confirmation and Youth Ministry, as well as some congregational worship and seasonal events through the year. Baptism and First Communion are joyous events which precede Confirmation. Students in grades 3-11 are involved in our Confirmation program. Youth have opportunities through our church to participate in Bible camps, vacation bible school, BWCA canoe trips, national youth gatherings, church services…. On average, OSLC sends over 70 youth to Bible camp each year.

OSLC has a long and rich history of service to the community of Hibbing and the world. Both young and old participate in potluck dinners, Lutefisk suppers, pasty bake fundraisers, the fall bazaar with much of the profits benefiting ministries such as the Salvation Army, Lutheran Social Service, local Bible Camps, and worldwide missionary support.

For over 60 years, we have held the White Elephant Sale in the spring, which provides clothing, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, tools, bicycles, and many other items for inexpensive prices to our community and the surrounding communities.

OSLC is a “community safe space” offering the use of our facilities to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lutheran Social Services, Advocates for Family Peace, among others.

OSLC was formed in 1903 by Norwegian immigrants under the name “Tabor” with 23 members. It officially became known as Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1904. The church held a groundbreaking ceremony in July of 1952 with the cornerstone of our present church laid in October of that same year.

Please call our church office with any questions you may have. Our staff is pleased to help you!