The St. Matthew Window

St. Matthew's Stained Glass  Window This window, given in memory of Mrs. Ethel Alder, depicts the Gospel of St. Matthew. Symbolically known as the Winged Man, St. Matthew begins his Gospel by tracing the human ancestry of our Lord.

The scene at the top of the window represent St. Matthew’s career as a tax collector at Capernaum at the time Jesus called him to be a disciple. At that time, the evangelist was known as Levi, the publican.

In the center of the window is St. Matthew. The rays of light shining forth from his book are symbolic of the great illumination his Gospel gives to the life of our Savior.

The next scene portrays an attempt by an Arabic zealot to murder St. Matthew. According to early church tradition, the attempt failed due to divine intervention.

The globe is symbolic of the universality of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

The dolphin, or fish, at the bottom of the window represents the use of the fish symbol during the Apostolic period. The Greek word for fish, ‘ichthys’, is made up of the first letter of the words, Jesus, Christ, Son of God, and Savior. During the persecutions, Christians drew this symbol in the dust as a secret symbol of their faith.

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