The Saint Mark Window

St. Mark's Stained Glass Window

The St. Mark Window was also given in memory of Mrs. Ethel Alder. Symbolically known as the Winged Lion, St. Mark’s Gospel stresses the royal character of Christ.The scene at the top of this window is the baptism of Mark by the Apostle Peter. Mark was the son of a certain Mary whose home in Jerusalem was a gathering place for early Christians.

In the center of the window is the figure of St. Mark. His garments are of Greek styling, showing the great respect Mark, though Jewish, had for the Greek civilization. The inscription, ‘Pax tibi Marce evangelista meus’ (Peace be unto you, Mark, my Evangelist), has an interesting history. Mark did not complete a missionary journey that he started with Paul and Barnabas. This caused a rift between Mark and Paul. Tradition has it that Mark found himself quite distressed when he returned to Jerusalem. When Mark finally surrendered himself to God’s will, he heard these words of encouragement.

The pen and book are symbols of the Gospel of St. Mark.

In the next scene, Paul and Mark are reconciled. St. Mark is portrayed giving Paul an olive branch as a sign of peace. Barnabas, Mark’s uncle, served as the arbitrator.

The Church on a Rock is the symbol of the Church at Alexander where Mark was the first bishop. It was there that he was martyred.

The fig tree, signifying fruitfulness and faithfulness, is one of the symbols for St. Mark.

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