Stained Glass

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is fortunate to have many beautiful stained glass windows. Nineteen unique windows representing the Gospels and the Parables of Jesus Christ grace the sanctuary.

Although each window tells its own story, there are some unifying characteristics throughout. A crimson ribbon flows through each of the windows, representing the voice of Jesus as He is teaching. Also, since much of the Master’s teaching was done outdoors, underneath the blue sky and often beside the blue waters of the Sea of Galilee, the predominance of blue is evident.

Several of the parable windows display the star as a symbol. In one of them, five different forms of the star can be seen. The four-pointed star is a symbol of the cross. The large five-pointed star is symbolic of Epiphany. This star is also regarded as the nativity star and represents Jesus Christ. The six-pointed star is made up of two triangles, representing the Trinity, one super-imposed on the other. The six points refer to the attributes of God–power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice. Sometimes it is called the Star of Creation with the six points representing the six days of active creation. The seven-pointed star is known as the Mystic Star and is an emblem of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The eight-pointed star is called the Star of Baptism or the Star of Regeneration. The origin of the symbolic usage of the number eight for rebirth is lost in antiquity. It is supposed by some that it goes back to the story of the flood at which time eight souls were saved in Noah’s Ark.

On the north wall of the sanctuary are the majestic windows of the four Evangelists.


On the south wall of the sanctuary, the artistry of Rudolph Sandon depicts the matchless parables of Christ.



virgins kingson houseonrock    
The Wise
and Foolish
The Marriage
of the
King’s Son
The House
Built on a
The Two

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