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Pastor Kevin – Family Faith Formation

You can watch our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services live by Visiting our YouTube Page Here – https://www.youtube.com/c/OSLCHibbing

White Elephant Sale – Worker’s Survey

Please help us plan for the 2022 White Elephant Sale scheduled for April 23rd!  

We will need a few new department heads, but what we really need is to get a better idea of how many workers we will have to set up for the sale and work the day of the sale.  So, we are asking as many people as possible to complete the survey and share it with your friends that you think may be interested in volunteering.   

Our first planning meeting is scheduled for February 17th at 7p in a hybrid format in the Sunday School wing and in Zoom. If you have any questions about the survey or are planning, please contact Chris Magnusson at magnussonc@yahoo.com or 218.969.7137.

Thank you for helping us plan the 2022 White Elephant Sale!


Please listen to the radio on WMFG 1240 AM Sunday mornings at 10:30 am or tune in to our TV Broadcast—channel 5 Tuesday’s at 6 pm or Wednesday’s at 8 am.  You may also follow us on Facebook and You Tube.  

Our Savior’s is ready to accept e-donations. It’s easy and secure. To get started download GIVE+ app for free in the App Store or Google Play or Click Here

It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming…

Early in my ministry I was introduced to a wonderful piece of rhetoric – almost poetic in nature – entitled: It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming.

I was first introduced to It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming… by my Aunt Marlene, who “gifted me” (literally) with these words in the form of a beautiful plaque displaying a sunrise over a stone-rolled-away-empty- tomb of that first Easter Morning.   

Written on that plaque, small and in the corner, was the alleged author of words: It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming, Tony Campolo.  Tony Campolo, a great preacher, teacher, author, evangelist and social activist is widely and popularly known for a sermon he preached with that same title: “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming… (Go on to You Tube and check it out for yourself!)

But as much as Tony Campolo has moved millions with his sermon: “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!  he wasn’t the first to coin this phrase in wonderful preachment, that distinction actually goes to the great African-American Preacher, S.M. Lockridge (1913-2000) who no doubt influenced Tony Campolo with his great preaching. 

What’s my point?  Simply this, that the great witness, preaching and promise of the resurrection has been handed down from generation to generation through many different voices, disciples who have left the empty tomb with many different trials somewhere between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. And I too have ended many an Easter Sunday Sermon with the words – “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!” 

But with whom do I ultimately give credit?  Tony Campolo? S.M. Lockridge?  Yes, by all means.  But I would also like to include my Aunt Marlene, who gave me that plaque while she was in the final stages of terminal cancer, and who died but a few weeks after; a woman of no less courage than the first women who came to the empty tomb, and who lived her own version of “It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming!”  But ultimately I think the full credit will go to… well, you know where the credit belongs!

It’s Friday Jesus was nailed to the cross… but Sunday’s Coming.—— It’s Friday Mary’s crying her eyes out cause her baby Jesus is dead…  but Sunday’s Coming. —— It’s Friday the disciples are running in every direction like sheep without a shepherd… but Sunday’s Coming. —— It’s Friday Pilate’s strutting around washing he hands cause he thinks he’s got all the power… but Sunday’s Coming. —– It’s Friday Satan’s doing a little jig saying, “I control the whole world”… but Sunday’s Coming. —– It’s Friday The temple veil ripped from top to bottom – the earth shook – the rocks split and tombs opened, the Centurion screamed in fear, “Truly he was the Son of God!”…  but Sunday’s Coming.

It’s Sunday – the angel, like dazzling lightening rolled the stone away exclaiming: He is not here!  He is risen! 

It’s Sunday! It’s Sunday!  It’s Sunday!  Pastor Kevin            

“Alleluia, He Has Risen…” It’s Time to Thrive; and not just Survive!

As I look back on over two years of Pastor’s Voice articles that I have written to you.  And as we approach an Easter Sunday where for the first time in two years our “Alleluias” will be shouted in cooperate in-person worship. I wonder what it might be like for some future church member who will be tasked with writing our church’s history during this time?         

Our Savior’s will be celebrating her 150 Anniversary come 2053, and whoever does the research in writing our church history will see that we had to weather and adjust to a world wide pandemic in flexible and productive ways; that we learned how to broadcast and live stream our worship services; socially distance our bodies, while joining our souls; and to celebrate the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion in a manner of receiving life without spreading a potentially deadly virus. 

In short, we hope and pray that the descendants of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church will see that we not only survived, but that we also thrived, and that our church’s mission and ministry was even stronger in a Post-COVID world. 

My dear friends, for a little over two years we have learned new habits of watching on computer screens as we worshipped in our living rooms, giving on line, and communing ourselves with self contained communion kits.  These new ways of worshipping, and “doing church”, have served us well through the pandemic, and they will continue to be a helpful brace to our mission and ministry.

But while we have adjusted well with new habits during the pandemic, what might the vibrancy of our church look like as we now safely gather for worship as we did before COVID?   We wait for this part of our church’s history to be written!

It’s almost embarrassing to admit it, but as we continue to emerge from the COVID bunker, and see each other face-to-face on Sunday morning worship, we need to retrain ourselves in the commitments we once took for granted: ushers and greeters to welcome us and collect the offering, communion assistants who handle our Lord’s promised presence, lectors who take turns reading God’s Word, coffee servers who take turns with coffee fellowship after worship, not to mention a complete re-set in our Sunday School and other educational opportunities.

In the weeks ahead, as we gather to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection, we continue to look forward to worship practices more familiar to us, and our thanks to the following leaders at Our Savior’s for making this happen.

Our thanks to Patty Sterle who has graciously volunteered in the organizing and scheduling of our ushers, our thanks to Mary Hemmersbaugh who has graciously volunteered in organizing and scheduling our lectors, our thanks to Carl Sandness who has graciously volunteered in organizing and scheduling our communion assistants, and our thanks to Elaine Anderson who will be organizing and scheduling our coffee fellowship.  If called upon to assist and serve in these capacities, please prayerfully consider doing so! 

God bless and be well! Pastor Kevin

MUSICAL NOTES — It has been wonderful seeing so many of you at mid-week Lenten Services.  Preparation has so very much to do with the celebration of Easter.  I have always found the hymn “Were You There” so poignant!  It asks VERY hard questions. I remember my cousin complaining about Twins fans that weren’t ‘there’ when the team was struggling but would be the first in line for playoff tickets.  Alright, I know that it isn’t the same as the journey from Lent to Easter (maybe for a few ‘die-hards’).  Not the same thing for sure.  But at the same time, would you have been following Jesus and not turned away before things got messy?  What would your response have been if you were recognized as a ‘follower?’  The music that we select for Palm Sunday to Easter moves us from Hosannas to Passion and to the Easter Alleluia!  For Palm Sunday we sing “Sing Hosanna” to usher in Jesus.  On Good Friday the choir offers “God So Loved the World” to remind us of the greatest event of all time.  We are then ready for “Christians, Sing Joyfully” to celebrate the Resurrected Lord!  For those that are able to attend these important services, please do.  Easter will take place whether we fill our church or not.  Let’s make a priority of filling our church as in the past.  Let’s all make our faith statement by celebrating in the company of others.  The entire staff is committed to making this the best event we possibly can. Don’t come to flatter us but because you just cannot resist affirming your faith and personal journey.  Roy

Council Meeting Highlights (March 8, 2022)

  • The Council met in Room 1.
  • The General Fund as of February 28, 2022 was at ($5,969.73).
  • A discussion was held to start forming the OSLC Church Directory committee.
  • The 2020 Audit has been completed by Jill Klapatch, Greg Hoag, and Fred Fawkes with the help of Cindy Eggert.
  • Prayers and donations are the best way to support Ukraine. A list of agencies that are committed to the work and safe delivery of our financial resources can be found on the OSLC Facebook group. A letter from ELCIR and Bishop Eaton is also included on the page.
  • The Council discussed additional options on how to receive donations, specifically from the younger generation.
  • The next Council meeting is April 12th.

The Columbarium at Our Savior’s offers perpetually endowed care for the remains of those who choose cremation.  It is a place of peace, solitude, and prayer restoring the ancient practice of church burial.  If you would like to learn more about the Columbarium, please make an appointment with Cindy in the church office by calling 218-263-7422.  An optional payment plan is available.

Confirmation News: All families are invited to attend Family Faith Formation:                               Sunday April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary  or watch on live stream

3rd grade  –   If you have not picked up your Bible yet you may arrange to pick it up at the office

4th grade  –   If you still haven’t received your Bible please call the office and arrange to pick it up. 

    5th grade  –   Best Wishes to those that received Communion instruction during March and will receive their First Communion on Maundy Thursday.  Worship service is at 6:30 .m. Thursday, April 14th.

6th grade –       Thank you for acolyting and please keep up the good work.

7th-9th grades – Thank you for your help and participation at Lenten services.
Keep up taking sermon notes and doing community service.  The White Elephant Sale is a great opportunity to serve the community.      

10th grade – Reminder:  Thursday, April 7th at 6 p.m. is an important meeting for you, your parents and your chosen mentor.  Now is a perfect time to catch up on sermon notes and provide service to others.  White Elephant Sale week is a great time to serve others.

White Elephant SaleWES set for Saturday, 4/23/2022. 9 am – 3 pm Mike Stavnes, WES Committee Member

OSLCW — A bit of housekeeping now that we are open and using the kitchen and fellowship hall.  Please, as scout mottos say, leave it cleaner than you found it.  Wipe down all tables and counters.  If you took something out of a cupboard please put it back.  Do not leave any leftovers in the refrigerators.  Coffee pots need to be put away and not left draining.  If you need a broom and dustpan they are in janitor closet in hallway to bathrooms.  If you are with a group of youth, mom/dads please check to make sure all is clean as Pastor Kevin may not have time to do it all. Thank you for your help.

Around mid-April look for a sign-up sheet both in back of church and fellowship hall to help with pasties the first week in May. 

Thanks to Chris Magnusson 28 quilts were taken to the Lutheran World Relief warehouse in So. St. Paul this past month.  Speaking of quilts, we need lots of help tying quilts and getting some ready for the high school seniors.  We will look at doing and evening, with a pizza supper, in May.  Right now we have close to forty to tie and about 300 to put on backing and batting!  Yes, we have been truly blessed with the fabric to do this.  Each roll of batting we order is about $125.00 delivered from Oklee, MN , and gives us about 25 quilt fillers.  Basically, what we need is willing people to come and tie and sew on Tuesday mornings.  Quilts can be taken home to tie if you have room to drape a 60x80inch quilt over a table and put a tie in each square. Otherwise, we can arrange for you to use the old Boy Scout Room during week and have quilts there ready to tie with the yarn, needles and scissors handy.

We look forward to seeing all you friendly faces helping at the White Elephant sale on April 23rd.

Questions?  Text me at 929-1892.  Still running lots of med appointments with Os.  Os is now the proud owner of seven Synergy stents!  These were in part designed by Dan Gregorich who grew up in our congregation.  Thanks Dan. God’s blessings of a great Spring,   Sue Schock

Would you like our congregation to pray for any issues, problems, or health concerns you have?  We believe in the power of prayer and know that our petitions are heard and answered. Please call the church office at 218-263-7422 and we will pass your request on to the Prayer Chain.

It’s time to register for Camp Vermilion or Camp Hiawatha this summer! OSLC will pay for your camp experience!  Register online.        Go to: VLMcamps.org  Click on the green button in the top right-hand corner-it says “REGISTER”  Scroll down to “Summer Schedule & Fees”    Follow the process – In the registration process, when it asks about payment, if it says anything about “transfer code,” type OSLC501

Please Read our New Bylaws and Constitution

2019 OSLC Bylaws

2019 OSLC Constitution

Welcome to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC)! Upon entering, you will notice the beautiful sanctuary with stained glass windows depicting parables of Christ and the large crucifix hanging above the altar. Friendly congregational members will greet you, and as you sit in the pews, our music will fill your soul! We have an active Temple Choir and also a worship band for a more contemporary sound. Music is emphasized within each service, and the sermons will speak to your heart and feed your soul while creating a deeper relationship with God.

Our church’s mission is A Community transformed by Christ, to be Christ in the World. We invite you to join us to become “the hands and feet of Christ”. Our ownership of this mission is shown in outreach through our Food Shelf, Clothes Closet, Habitat for Humanity, and God’s work. Our hands. Sunday. The Food Shelf is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00-2:30. Our clothes closet can be accessed through appointment only by calling the church office.

Our worship service provides opportunities for you and your family to grow in your Christian faith. Children of all ages are welcome during worship and are invited to join Pastor Kevin for a Children’s Message each week. After service, during the school year, children may attend Sunday School while you enjoy coffee, goodies and fellowship with parishioners downstairs. We partner with First Lutheran (another ELCA church in Hibbing) in our Confirmation and Youth Ministry, as well as some congregational worship and seasonal events through the year. Baptism and First Communion are joyous events which precede Confirmation. Students in grades 3-11 are involved in our Confirmation program. Youth have opportunities through our church to participate in Bible camps, vacation bible school, BWCA canoe trips, national youth gatherings, church services…. On average, OSLC sends over 70 youth to Bible camp each year.

OSLC has a long and rich history of service to the community of Hibbing and the world. Both young and old participate in potluck dinners, Lutefisk suppers, pasty bake fundraisers, the fall bazaar with much of the profits benefiting ministries such as the Salvation Army, Lutheran Social Service, local Bible Camps, and worldwide missionary support.

For over 60 years, we have held the White Elephant Sale in the spring, which provides clothing, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, tools, bicycles, and many other items for inexpensive prices to our community and the surrounding communities.

OSLC is a “community safe space” offering the use of our facilities to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lutheran Social Services, Advocates for Family Peace, among others.

OSLC was formed in 1903 by Norwegian immigrants under the name “Tabor” with 23 members. It officially became known as Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1904. The church held a groundbreaking ceremony in July of 1952 with the cornerstone of our present church laid in October of that same year.

Please call our church office with any questions you may have. Our staff is pleased to help you!