White Elephant Sale – 5/6/2023

White Elephant Sale – Leadership Team
We are looking for someone to help lead future planning. Some of our team members are snowbirds so we are looking for someone to be a leader in the early months of the year. Join the team now to see what it is like and the great support network you will have! Contact the Church Office and leave your name, phone, and email address.

White Elephant Sale Volunteers

There are an endless number of items that need to be moved, unpacked, folded, tested, priced and stacked. Make the White Elephant a family event or better yet, a tradition!

  • Even the youngest child can carry one toy at a time, even if they get a little
    distracted and that is the only toy they carry!
  • Moms do everything mom’s do while keeping an eye on the toddler!
  • Older brothers and sisters help sort and set up holiday decorations (as a team or
    a competition?)
  • While dads test one (or all 20!) donated coffee pots!
  • Grandma is sitting next to her best (or a brand new) friend, knee deep in clothes
    to be sorted.
    We need your hands to do God’s work before and at the Sale!

One Reply to “White Elephant Sale – 5/6/2023”

  1. Tom and I have some free hours that week and can assist with set up and Tom has offered to help with clean up on Monday as he did last year


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