Musical Notes

MUSICAL NOTES — It has been wonderful seeing so many of you at mid-week Lenten Services.  Preparation has so very much to do with the celebration of Easter.  I have always found the hymn “Were You There” so poignant!  It asks VERY hard questions. I remember my cousin complaining about Twins fans that weren’t ‘there’ when the team was struggling but would be the first in line for playoff tickets.  Alright, I know that it isn’t the same as the journey from Lent to Easter (maybe for a few ‘die-hards’).  Not the same thing for sure.  But at the same time, would you have been following Jesus and not turned away before things got messy?  What would your response have been if you were recognized as a ‘follower?’  The music that we select for Palm Sunday to Easter moves us from Hosannas to Passion and to the Easter Alleluia!  For Palm Sunday we sing “Sing Hosanna” to usher in Jesus.  On Good Friday the choir offers “God So Loved the World” to remind us of the greatest event of all time.  We are then ready for “Christians, Sing Joyfully” to celebrate the Resurrected Lord!  For those that are able to attend these important services, please do.  Easter will take place whether we fill our church or not.  Let’s make a priority of filling our church as in the past.  Let’s all make our faith statement by celebrating in the company of others.  The entire staff is committed to making this the best event we possibly can. Don’t come to flatter us but because you just cannot resist affirming your faith and personal journey.  Roy

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