OSLCW Update – April 2022

OSLCW — A bit of housekeeping now that we are open and using the kitchen and fellowship hall.  Please, as scout mottos say, leave it cleaner than you found it.  Wipe down all tables and counters.  If you took something out of a cupboard please put it back.  Do not leave any leftovers in the refrigerators.  Coffee pots need to be put away and not left draining.  If you need a broom and dustpan they are in janitor closet in hallway to bathrooms.  If you are with a group of youth, mom/dads please check to make sure all is clean as Pastor Kevin may not have time to do it all. Thank you for your help.

Around mid-April look for a sign-up sheet both in back of church and fellowship hall to help with pasties the first week in May. 

Thanks to Chris Magnusson 28 quilts were taken to the Lutheran World Relief warehouse in So. St. Paul this past month.  Speaking of quilts, we need lots of help tying quilts and getting some ready for the high school seniors.  We will look at doing and evening, with a pizza supper, in May.  Right now we have close to forty to tie and about 300 to put on backing and batting!  Yes, we have been truly blessed with the fabric to do this.  Each roll of batting we order is about $125.00 delivered from Oklee, MN , and gives us about 25 quilt fillers.  Basically, what we need is willing people to come and tie and sew on Tuesday mornings.  Quilts can be taken home to tie if you have room to drape a 60x80inch quilt over a table and put a tie in each square. Otherwise, we can arrange for you to use the old Boy Scout Room during week and have quilts there ready to tie with the yarn, needles and scissors handy.

Questions?  Text me at 929-1892.  Still running lots of med appointments with Os.  Os is now the proud owner of seven Synergy stents!  These were in part designed by Dan Gregorich who grew up in our congregation.  Thanks Dan. God’s blessings of a great Spring,   Sue Schock

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